Staff in the Technology, CRM and Digital New Media departments have “full user” FamilyLife accounts with Wrike. This content is intended for FamilyLife staff that work in these departments but this information will still be a benefit to you if you have a “full user” account and work in another department. Full user accounts have the ability to create, view, edit, delete complete tasks, add comments and attach files in the FamilyLife workspace.

 FamilyLife Tip Sheet (Used in FL Training Video)
 Wrike Email Integration Cheat Sheet
Wrike Help Page

Note: If you are attempting to share a task or folder with a staff member and you do not find them in the “Contact List” of Wrike, they have not yet created a Wrike account. Please use the following method to invite staff to join Wrike and participate in your task.
1. Ask the staff if they want to participate in following your task by sending them an email AND Carbon Copy “wrike@familylife.com”.
2. Once the staff member has confirmed that they would like to participate in following your task and joining Wrike, the FamilyLife Technology Infrastructure team will send them a Wrike invite.
3. Once FL Technology has sent the invite to the staff member, you will find their email address in the “Contact List” of Wrike and you can share your task or folder to them.