Webex Video Coaching

We created these videos to help you learn how to use this powerful video conferencing tool. Depending on your situation, you may benefit from watching all 3. At a minimum, you must watch the first one in order to use the system.

Getting Started with Webex (11 Min) – Required to created and configure your Webex Account, to effectively use of Your Personal Room and to configure your Google Calendar for scheduling Webex meetings and conference rooms.

Webex Conf Room Hardware (12 Min) – Required to make a standard phone call, host or join a Webex meeting and share your computer screen … all using Webex Conference Room Hardware.

Webex Teams App (11 Min) – Required to maximize the Webex system using the Webex Teams Desktop and Mobile App.

Webex Google Calendar Plugin:

A Gmail/Webex add-in is available for your Google Calendar which makes for scheduling a Webex meeting faster and easier. You can add your Webex “personal room” meeting, or a unique Webex “scheduled meeting” straight from your Google Calendar…in one action. NOTE: You must first enable this feature on your Calendar…see the instructions below.

How do I add this feature?

You will need to install the “add-on” to your Gmail calendar.
1. Sign-in to your FL Gmail account and open your Calendar.
2. Click on the gear at the top right and then “Get add-ons”.

3. Search for “Webex”, click on the Install button and agree to any “terms” prompts you receive.

4. The last step requires you to add a Webex meeting to one of your calendar events which finalize the linking of your Webex account. Open a new or existing calendar meeting, click on the “Add Conferencing” pull down box, choose “Webex Personal Room Meeting”. Click on the “Login” link on the right. Agree to any terms provided, select “crumeetings.webex.com” when prompted for which organization and you are finished.

NOTE: If you have any problems with the “login” process during the above step, right click on the Chrome icon in your taskbar, open an Incognito window, sign-in to your Gmail and repeat Step 4 above.

Your Webex plug-in has been activated to your Gmail Calendar so you will not be required to repeat these steps even if you change computers.