FamilyLife VPN

Connecting to the FamilyLife VPN is necessary when you use a FL purchased/provided Windows laptop to access FL resources when you are not in the FL offices. For example: You need to access Workgroup Shares, Ministry Reports, etc from home. FL provided Mac’s do not have access to the VPN. NOTE: If you are a FLVM user, the VPN is not the method you use to get connected to your FLVM when you are out of the office. See the “Logging into your FLVM” instructions instead.

Login Requirements:
  1. FamilyLife login credentials (NOT your Gmail credentials)
  2. DigiPass One Time Password (Setup and using DigiPass)
  3. GlobalProtect VPN Application installed on your FL computer

FamilyLife’s VPN service uses the application “GlobalProtect”. All FL laptops should be pre-installed with GlobalProtect but if you need to re-install it, you can download it from ““. The FamilyLife VPN will ONLY work on FL managed PC computers and it must have the latest antivirus definitions.

Connecting to your FamilyLife VPN:

Start the GlopalProtect login by clicking on the globe icon in your System Tray (lower right area of your taskbar).

  1. Click on the “Connect” button.
  2. OR
    If you are prompted for a portal address, enter “” then click Connect. The portal address is only required when the VPN is initially installed.
  3. At the Sign In window, enter your FamilyLife username and password. This is NOT your Gmail login and
    do not enter

  4. At the second Sign in box, enter your DIGIPASS PIN. (See the Setup and using DigiPass page for instructions)
  5. As the VPN finishes, it will state you are “Connected” BUT THE VPN IS NOT YET FINISHED. SEE THE NEXT STEP.
  6. FINISHED: The VPN is done when you receive the following message. UNTIL YOU SEE THIS MESSAGE, YOUR VPN IS NOT FINISHED. This window can take up to 2 minutes to display.
Disconnecting from your FamilyLife VPN:

Click on the globe icon in your taskbar. Then click on the Disconnect button in the GlobalProtect window.