Google – Getting Started

The following steps will guide you through the initial log-in and setup of your FamilyLife Google account. Steps 1-4 are required whereas the remainder are optional, depending on your needs.

 Download Chrome
Note: FamilyLife managed computers have Chrome pre-installed. You can access Google Apps & Gmail on other browsers but it works best on Chrome. There are many features and add-ons; such as, offline email access, that are only found in Chrome.

 Sign into Google
Use your email address as the username. The password to your email is the same password you use to log in to Cru’s Staff Web website (Relay Account).

 Update Your Signature and Sending Name



 Secure Your Email with 2-Step Verification

    It is required that all FamilyLife accounts have the added security of 2-Step Verification. Please click on the following link to complete the setting up of your account.

The following additional steps are all optional depending on your needs.

(Optional) Set-up Your Mobile Devices (Smartphone or Tablet)

(Optional) Use Outlook with Google Mail
    If you are located at FamilyLife Ranch Drive, see a GOOGLE GUIDE or open the Service Desk Help shortcut on your desktop for assistance. If you are field staff or you are unable to seek the personal assistance of our staff, you can install and setup (Google Apps Sync for Outlook) BUT if it is not done correctly, you will have duplicated content.

    To learn more about how to use Google: Watch How-To Videos